Peter Lavergata
Peter Lavergata


Wildlife Tamagotchi

Wildlife Conservation Society is struggling to connect to Millennials for them to donate.

Millennials are less likely to respond to a CTA (call to action) if they do not feel a personal connection to the cause.

We want to connect Millennials to Wildlife by focusing on their own nostalgic moments. So, we used the Tamagotchi to show a series of experiences relatable to their personality and day-to-day lives that will connect back to WCS’s mission.

Throwback Tamagotchi

You can purchase your throwback Tamagotchi at partnering retailers both online, at stores and on WCS website. All proceeds will directly contribute to helping fund climate change research and ecosystem conservation for all animals affected.

WCS Tamagotchi Microsite

Considering buying and supporting Wildlife’s remote habitats preservation and restoration? Well, now you can have some fun on our Wildlife Tamagotchi microsite where you can play, feed and interact with our electronic pets. You’ll also be able to purchase your own here!

Arctic Ice Happy Hour

Millennials love going out, especially for happy hour after a long day of work. We removed the ice from all drinks and created an Arctic Ice Challenege for restaurants/bars nationwide. The event will use a brief deprivation technique (charging $1 for ice) to bring
a faraway issue closer to home to encourage donations.

CW - Peter Lavergata
AD - Sarai Perez