Peter Lavergata
Peter Lavergata


Friends That Fit

Petco was struggling to attract Millennials because often times they do not have pets due to their lifestyle.

Most Millennials are working professionals who live in big cities which means tiny apartments and not enough space for a more traditional pet like a cat or dog.

We wanted to change the idea of a traditional pet and show how Petco can bring the same companionship with a smaller exotic pet that fits their lifestyle just like a roommate would.


Relatable Instagram Stories

We created a series of Instagram Stories that highlighted finding a perfect roommate when just moving to a new city and linked it to the Friend that Fits test.


Your Friend That Fits Test

You might be thinking how would I know what exotic pet would be best for me? Well, with the Friends That Fits test you will be able to match with the perfect pet for you based on your personality traits and lifestyle preferences.


A Roomi That Fits

Our collaboration with Roomi will make it easier to find a pet that is ready to move in and be your companion.


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